CO Measurer
The Langan Model T15n CO Measurer is an integrated package that combines sophisticated software with a reliable electronic instrument for measuring carbon monoxide to a high resolution at low levels. The T15n has an electrochemical sensor optimized to observe carbon monoxide in the 0 to 200 parts per million (ppm) range with a resolution of 0.05 ppm (50 ppb).

This personal exposure monitor (PEM) includes field-tested data acquisition electronics, precision signal conditioning and the highly regarded CiTiceL® Electrochemical Sensor.
Software is used to read and reset the instrument, to display the results in useful presentations and to translate data to other computers. A digital display is built into the case. Batteries and interface cables come, as well. It is operating when shipped. Open and measure what gas levels were observed during shipment!

The Model T15n is an evolution from the earlier Model T15, T15d and T15v CO Measurers which used older data loggers for data acquisition. The new T15n incorporates 12-bit resolution, nonvolatile memory, USB connectivity and one-year battery support. Windows and Macintosh software, identical in functionality, are available.
CO Measurer
Visualize carbon monoxide,
a gas that cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled—but one that can kill.
The Langan
CO Measurer has been used around the world since 1991.
It has evolved to achieve more resolution and enhanced capability over the years.
T15n, right (2006-       )
T15v (2000-2005)
T15d (1995-1999)
L15 (1991-1997)